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Now I am rejoicing for a number of reasons. First of all, I have known, admired and worked with both of these amazing women for many years now, in the political world and in the arts and culture world. And both of them happen to live on the Main Line! So we can be very proud of the important community roles both of these women have served and continue to serve..

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We went for one of the signature sandwiches, the D’Pilgrim, what is without a doubt the best Thanksgiving meal between two slices of bread you will ever have. Pillowy soft stuffing and spice flecked pulled turkey meat dark and white for those who care are piled between two slices of thick, crusty bread, one side carrying a hearty helping of cranberry sauce, the other slathered in mayo. And while you may feel comfortably acceptable to eat a full sub from Subway in one sitting, not so here.

Border Patrol station in Murrieta, Calif. Demonstrators on both sides of the immigration debate had gathered where the agency was foiled earlier this week in an attempt to bus in and process some of the immigrants who have flooded the Texas border with Mexico. (AP Photo/Mark J.

The hardest part is not being able to do anything. You just try to be there for mental stability and positive reinforcement and hope. At the end of day, hope is all you can really give.. Marburn Academy students who read to Colby are making great strides, according to Wolfe. Co teacher Daughters said that one of the things they have been working on with the children is learning the parts of speech. They certainly put those skills to the test when asked to describe Colby, coming up with such phrases as “sweet as a strawberry,” “white like a puffy cloud” and “soft as a blanket,” Daughters said..

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He was confronted with the train ticket stub he had carelessly tossed in the trash can of his hotel room. He maintained he had been in his lodging all night. Because of Ruth mentioning him at her home, Henry was taken into custody for further questioning and brought back to Queens.

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