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cheeseburger and a second rum

In business for more than 30 years, Mr. M’s Sandwich Shop was opened in 1979 by husband and wife Dennis and Ginny Maier. Today, they still own and operate their deli, a sandwich lover’s landmark across Dania Beach, Hollywood, and nearby Fort Lauderdale.

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In 1963, he won the Big Eight 330 yard intermediate hurdles title in a blazing time of 36.1 seconds that was an NCAA and American record at the time. He also was the co holder of the American record (6.7) in the 60 yard low hurdles, was the AAU National Champion in the Pentathlon (1965) and 440 yard Intermediate Hurdles (1966). After his graduation from CU, he earned a Law degree from Howard University and went on to become a trial lawyer and an administrative judge for the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

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The members of Metalwood, described as “Canada’s premier electric jazz band,” have much to be proud of. The group earned consecutive Juno Awards for Best Contemporary Jazz Album for its first two releases, 1997’s Metalwood and 1998’s Metalwood 2, inspired by the likes of Miles Davis and Weather Report. They’ve also had many opportunities to tour internationally as well as record..

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It’s been a long time coming, because we haven’t been around for awhile. It’s not like we kept popping up every ten years and jumped up and down. We have been away for a long time, and here we are, stronger than ever, and every one of the reviews has been great, and every one of the fans we call them friends really shows up in droves, and they’re just overwhelmed.

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